Here's a few free songs. Enjoy!


  • Six and Fifteen
    Simple Life -More money made is just more money spent.

  • Six and Fifteen
    Living Is Easy -AKA, Chad's Opus.

  • Hatchback Honeymoon
    Nobody's gonna slow us down -Throw this gun in the river and forget everything thing I've seen.

  • Hatchback Honeymoon
    Bridge of Amarugia -Everyone had that old bridge or gravel road hangout where the beers would flow and the memories were made.

  • Hen Pecked and Tongue Tied
    Friday's Forever -Trumpets a blasting, a song about the last night before life has some big changes.

  • Mud Road Superstars
    I Lied -About being on the road away from everyone you care about, and promises to be home soon.

  • Songs From the Roadside Diner
    For Hours -A boot-stomping ditty telling you I'm sorry for sleeping with your brothers wife.

  • recliner
    Re-runs -When life seems all jumbled, sometimes a little re-grouping is needed.

  • Amusement '98
    Trust Me -An out-there relic from the few weeks recording at Larry's old house.

Yellow No. 5 is...
Mark Fail, Jamie McCannon, Chad Nichol, David Stropes, Matthew Stropes, and Larry Peery.


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